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Redefining Eco-Friendly Wellness

We are committed to educating you about the importance of living a healthy sustainable life, and about helping us create a better tomorrow.

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No Plastic. Happier Planet.

Our products and packaging are made with recyclable glass, compostable labels with plant-based ink, 100% recycled paper, and other biodegradable materials.





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GMO-Free | GMP Certified | Third Party Tested | Responsibly Sourced From U.S. Farmers

Premium Eco-Friendly and Sustainable CBD Products.

When we say we are redefining eco-friendly wellness, we really mean it. At Sonny’s Wellness, our goal is to create a sustainable and environmentally responsible business model, by having the smallest impact on the environment as possible. We are committed to educating you about the importance of living a sustainable life, and about helping us create a better tomorrow.

CBD Drops.

Our Premium CBD Drops are infused with 99% pure CBD Isolate, natural Coconut Oil, 100% natural flavors, and are THC-free. Our 30ml bottle offers convenient on-the-go relief, that you can take wherever you go. Vegan options available!

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CBD Topicals.

Our Premium CBD Cooling Gel is infused with 99% pure CBD Isolate and is THC-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. It offers quick, localized relief and is the perfect addition to any daily routine to achieve powerful, fast-acting results.

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Pet CBD + Fish Oil.

At Sonny’s, pets are family, which is why we believe your pets deserve optimal nutrition to stay happy and healthy. Our CBD + Fish Oil is infused with naturally derived CBD Isolate and natural fish oil, which has shown to aid with inflammation, joint pain, and “Hot Spots” commonly caused by food allergies.

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CBD Soft Gels.

Our Premium CBD Soft Gels are each packed with 25mg of CBD Distillates and other beneficial cannabinoids. We offer Full Spectrum with the legal amount of THC, and Broad Spectrum as our THC-free option. Our Soft Gels are one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of CBD, and the perfect addition to any daily routine.

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Third Party Testing.

All of our products are tested by third party laboratories to ensure quality and accurate potency.

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I purchased for my english bulldog and it helped with his itching, plus he enjoys the relaxing effects. Shipped very quick. Great company and product.

Russ A. (Pet CBD + Fish Oil)

Very customer focused - great product.

Marty (Lemon Ginger)

Very smooth, pleasant taste, effective.

Marty (French Vanilla)

Great flavor and highly effective!! Would give 100 stars. Highly recommend.

Kerri T. (Lemon Ginger)

Refreshing and light. Simple ingredients, tastes great. Strikes the right cord!

Warren H. (Natural Drops)
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