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Hi, we are Tom and Matt - two long-time friends, college roommates, and the Co-Founders of Sonny’s Wellness. We have both personally experienced the benefits of CBD, and have seen the positive impact it has had on our close family and friends.

For Matt, it started with his best friend and neighbor, Trevor, who was injured during a tragic swimming accident in 2007. Trevor sustained spinal damage, and was paralyzed from the chest down. Over time, Trevor experienced very strong spasms in his body and legs, which caused him severe pain and discomfort. Trevor was prescribed many different neural suppressant drugs to calm his spasms, but they had adverse side effects and made him ill. After some research, Trevor found that he might benefit from the use of CBD for reducing his spasticity, so he found a high strain of CBD and used it to make edibles. The results were astonishing! After taking the CBD, Trevor was spasm free for many hours and had a noticeably lower pain and anxiety level. We were all overjoyed at the success Trevor experienced while using CBD. It was amazing that a natural product could bring this level of relief, which is why Matt chose to get involved in helping others find this relief.
For Tom, it all started with his grandfather “Sonny,” which is where Sonny’s Wellness got its name. Sonny struggled with Parkinson’s disease for years. The last two years were especially difficult for his mental and physical health. Tom spent countless days and nights trying to help comfort Sonny, and after consulting a friend in the Biotech industry, Tom learned about Cannabidiol (CBD). After a few phone calls and a lot of research, Tom learned that the oil from the cannabis plant might be the key to finding relief for Sonny. Tom immediately purchased CBD for his grandfather and noticed improvements within hours. Sonny’s muscles and joints had reduced inflammation and pain, and his appetite and mood swings were in check. Most importantly, the CBD helped Sonny sleep through the night for the first time in months. CBD made Sonny’s life significantly more comfortable before his passing, and Tom hopes to help others find how CBD can change their lives as well.

After experiencing first-hand the difference CBD can make in people’s lives, we set out to create a reliable and safe brand of products that people can come to know and trust. In 2019, when CBD was finally legalized across the U.S., we knew that it was time to make our move. We created Sonny’s Wellness, which is founded on the principles of integrity, compassion, and transparency. 

In addition to creating high quality CBD products, we decided to go one step further and incorporate our love for the environment into our business model as well. Although there are numerous CBD companies around, their products are made with single-use plastic as well as ingredients and materials that are harmful to our bodies and planet. At Sonny's Wellness, we are taking steps to become as eco-friendly as possible while spreading our message about the importance of sustainability. Our products and packaging are made with recyclable glass, compostable labels with plant-based ink, 100% recycled paper, and other biodegradable materials. We aim to not only improve the lives of people and their pets, but the health of our beautiful planet as well.

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